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Kim, Jaieun and Inkie Chung. 2015. 한국어 존대 체계에 대한 통합적 분산형태론적 분석 [A Unified Distributed Morphology

Analysis of Korean Honorification Morphology]. Studies in Generative Grammar, 25(3). 631-650.     [abstract (English)      ]

Kim, Jaieun. 2015. Subject constraints and the Consciousness projection. Studies in Generative Grammar, 25(1). 35-60.

[manuscript (first submitted version)      ]


Barrie, Michael and Jaieun Kim. 2016. The discourse layer and the person restrictions. Presented at 18th Seoul International

Conference on Generative Grammar (SICOGG 18). Seoul, South Korea.     [proceedings draft      ]

Chung, Inkie and Jaieun Kim. 2016. Locality in suppletive allomorphy of √GIVE in Korean. Poster presented at American

International Morphology Meeting 3 (AIMM 3). Amherst, USA.     [abstract      ]

Barrie, Michael, Gyumin Kim and Jaieun Kim. 2015. The fine structure of the discourse layers: Evidence from Kyeongsang

Korean. Presented at the joint meeting of International Conference on Korean Linguistics (ICKL) & Harvard International Symposium of Korean Linguistics (Harvard-ISOKL). Chicago, USA.     [handout      ]

Kim, Jaieun. 2014. Speaker's volition and sentential subject. Presented at English Language and Literature Association of

Korea (ELLAK) International Conference. Seoul, South Korea.     [handout      ]

Barrie, Michael and Jaieun Kim. 2014. Korean jussives and Point-of-View. Poster presented at Generative Linguistics in the Old

World (GLOW) in Asia X. Hsinchu, Taiwan.     [poster      ]


Kim, Jaieun. 2014. Subject and Point-of-View: The Syntax-Discourse Interface. Unpublished MA thesis. Sogang University. Seoul,

South Korea.     [pdf.      ]

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